Aloha, I’m Brian.

My knowledge and ongoing training in human development, trauma and relational dynamics has been integral to coming home to myself and allows me to show up with grace in my relationships. I know what I am here to do and I have the tools and compassion to support you in knowing yourself and relating to others.

Coach Brian

My Story

I know what it’s like to struggle and feel frustrated and helpless. Let me guide you toward the life you deserve.


Childhood experiences affect our health in adulthood. I know this truth for myself.

I was a very sensitive child who learned how to be a good little boy and to do the right thing, which meant being quiet and invisible. I struggled growing up with a single mom and alcoholic dad, and although my sister helped raise me, I got the message pretty early on that I needed to guard myself against getting hurt in relationship. My emotions and wants were not wanted. I lost my dad when I was 8 and my sister left the house when I was 11, which had me feeling pretty abandoned.

Self Love

By age 17 I was already clear that my purpose in life was to help heal, and love myself and those around me. I dove into Buddhism, yoga and spirituality and my mind expanded in new ways. At this point, I was eating organic food, working on organic farms, doing yoga, and thought I knew what life was all about.

Loving Life

After high school I traveled around the country 10+ times and eventually landed on Maui. I lived a pretty carefree life for over 20 years, learning and pursuing many things. I owned a landscape design business, went to massage school, helped a friend start a concrete countertop business, and managed a camper van rental business. My biggest passion was farming and taking care of the land.

First Love

I met my first love when I was 27. After a devastating breakup after 4 years, I realized I didn’t know what I was doing in love. As far as love was concerned, I was still living in a land of “spiritual bypass” that supported my avoidant tendencies learned in childhood. My real learning began when I found myself in a challenging relationship with my current partner where we triggered the s*** out of each other.

Love Lessons

Through hard work and dedicated learning, I began to shift my perspective with my partner and on my own, through the relationship school, men’s groups, NVC, etc. As I learned more about emotional intelligence and the power of relationships, attachment theory, I naturally discovered that the real spiritual path in relationship is getting to know myself (through relating to another).

Let me guide you toward the love and connection you desire.

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